Santa Solitaire Card Game

Help Santa in this Christmas Solitaire game. Move all cards to the four foundations on the tableau you can build down on alternate colors.

Santa Solitaire Card game review

Santa’s Christmas Solitaire is a simple and relaxing card removing game of solitaire. The novelty is that the game has nice graphics compared to the classic solitaire, made in the spirit of Christmas. And really is not boring because every game is different because the cards are randomly shuffled. So you do not know what the future brings 🙂

How to play Santa Solitaire Card game?

The Tableau consists of 7 piles. The first pile has 1 card. The second pile has 2 cards. The third pile has 3 cards and so on until there are 7 piles. Only the top card in each pile is faced up.
The cards are placed in descending order (King to Ace) and in alternate color. You must place the next book of alternative color. However, rather than telling you, you better watch the video.
The idea of the game is to try to return the cards on the table first and then the remaining ones in the pack.

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