Zoobies Collapse Game

Click on a group of 2 or more of the same connected Zoobies to remove them. Remove all Zoobies to advance to the next level.

Zoobie Collapse game review

Even if at first glance it seems like an easy game, a little silly I might say, it is not at all. Is one of my favorites, because it requires thinking and strategy.

Strategy in a zobbie game? Huh!

Yes, you have to calculate your movements so that in the end they remain to appear, groups, at least 2 zoobies of the same colors, not zoos alone 🙂
And the higher the level, the more complicated it will be.
I reached level 4, what level can you reach?

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How to play Zoobie Collapse Game?

It’s very simple to play and you will definitely like it! Watch the video on how to play

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